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HDR motors are capable of being configured with all motors plugged in to power. Each motor is added to the remote control much like the bluetooth pairing process of a mobile phone.

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The HDR and HDQ motors offer a moulded integrated connector that plugs straight into the motor head, eliminating bulky in-line connectors or having to leave large holes drilled in the wall.

HDR and HDQ motors are capable of having their limits set by pressing the buttons integrated into the motor head. Perfect for when you're up the ladder and don't have the remote control.

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Component - HD Premium Integrated Connectors
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All HDR motors and remote control controls communicate via the 2.4GHz frequency in a completely meshed network. This means each motor can talk to all other motors in the network and the remote control in both directions, simultaneously. The end result is superior range and the most reliable remote control network.

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Component - HD Premium Radio Frequency
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Advanced Automation

HDM40Q contains a highly advanced in-built motor controller capable of bidirectional communication. Utilising the powerful Hunter Douglas RQ protocol, commands can be sent and received via serial to virtually any automation or management system on the market.

The motor can be moved to any one of 100 positions from fully opened to fully closed along with pre-programmed scenes. Designed for Quantum 50mm tube option.

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Component - Motorisation-HD-Premium-Motor-HDM40Q
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Super Quiet Standard Motor

The HDM40SQ is a super quiet 4 wire standard motor (active, neutral, earth and direction wires). Designed specifically for direct 240 volt switch operation, or for connection to many controller based automation systems. Designed for Quantum 50mm tube option. Includes an in line connector and 2.5m tail.

Gearing Revolution
Patented hybrid planetary/worm gear system for super quiet operation - sub 40 dB sound levels.

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Component - HD Premium HDM40SQ
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Low Voltage Standard Motor

HDM25S is a 25mm DC-12 volt motor designed to operate inside the Quantum 37mm tube and is ideal for use in narrow blinds. One of the quietest motors on the market, HDM25S is a standard switch controlled motor, or can be integrated into various automation systems with in-built controllers.

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Component - HD Premium HDM25S
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