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Offering innovative internal shading solutions that are technically superior and aesthetically unique, Hunter Douglas continues to remain a global leader of quality window coverings. Providing an array of child-safe, energy-efficient and contemporary product designs, Hunter Douglas continues to remain at the forefront of innovative technology.

Hunter Douglas Components offers a complete suite of internal window covering componentry that is highly functional, fabricator focused, and architecturally designed for the Australian market. See below for more information on our range of high quality window covering products.

Hunter Douglas hardware product range in marketed under the Turnils brand name.

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Deco Plus Vertical System is a new generation vertical track system that has versatility built into its DNA.

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Hunter Douglas incorporates the best of technology and design to offer a range of premium and low cost motorisation products.

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Design excellence is at the forefront of Hunter Douglas’ Quantum Roller Blind hardware. Simply assembled with a sleek look and smooth operation, the Quantum solution broaches the largest window expanses with ease.

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A long-time favourite for a host of applications, Hunter Douglas Venetian Blinds are perfect for simple, instant light control. They come in a range of finishes and designs, ensuring any space benefits from their installation.

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Whisper® SHADEs Collection

Whiser Shades Collection combines style, versatility and functionality to provide innovative cellular window covering solutions. Available in a range of operating systems and specialty shapes, Whisper Cellular Shades Collection are the perfect solution for your window.

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