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Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements. Using simple square bar installation, the awnings can easily be installed in many different locations. Not only functional, the Kona Series focuses on stylish componentry to for a contemporary folding arm awning with designer aesthetics.


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  • Modular design simplifying both manufacturing and installation
  • Features Dyneema® tape connection for stability and strength
  • User adjustable variable pitch on most models
  • Heavy-duty retractable arms allow spans of up to 11 metres in width and up to 4 metres in projection
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Component - Kona Features
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KA - KONA Access

The Kona Access Awning is an entry level folding arm awning which features compact and non-obtrusive quality components, offering a classic design in an elegant open roller style awning.

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Component - Kona Access
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KC - KONA Classic

The Kona Classic Folding Arm Awning is available with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit almost any situation and décor. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.

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Component - Kona Classic
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KD - KONA Design

The Kona Design Folding Arm Awning showcases quality European style with designer finishes such as the pressure die casted end brackets, adding a polished, premium elegance to the awning.

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Component - Kona Design
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KR - KONA Rise

The Kona Rise Folding Arm Awning features a fabric beam that creates an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm, allowing space for doors whilst maintaining excellent shading performance.

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Component - Kona Rise
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KS2 - KONA Semi-Cassette V2

Features a slimline hood and deep front bar to achieve a contemporary and premium appearance. The compact semi-enclosure design provides superior fabric protection.

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Component - Kona Semi Cassette V2
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KX - KONA Cross-Over

The Kona Cross-Over Folding Arm Awning is ideal for narrow spaces. It features cross-over arms enabling a larger projection on a narrow width awning, to create the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings.

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Component - Kona Cross Over
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KF - KONA Full-Cassette Folding Arm Awning

The KF Awning retracts into a fully enclosed headbox providing the ultimate in hardware and fabric protection. With a projection up to 3.5 metres and a maximum width of 7 metres, this awning is suited to a variety of applications.

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Component - Kona Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning
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