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Photon One Solar Motorisation

A Superior & Sustainable Motorisation Solution. Designed with a slim solar panel pack, the Photon One motor combines aesthetics and intelligent features for efficient performance.

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Flexible Mounting Options

For maximum solar energy collection, solar panels are best mounted in direct sunlight.

Facilitates multiple mounting positions such as:

  • Awning head-box
  • Home fascia or gutter
  • Remote mounting

For awnings positioned out of direct sunlight, a 3 metre power extension cable is included. Optional 5 & 10 metre power extension cables are available separately.

Features an LED indicator highlighting if repositioning of the solar panel is required for more sunlight.

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Component - Photon One Solar Motor Flexible Mounting Options
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No Electrician Required

Completely solar powered with no hardwiring electricity for motor operation, eliminating the need for a certified electrician saving you money and reducing energy costs.

Battery Heat Protection

Engineered with a heat shield enclosure to protect the in-built battery from extreme exposure to the Australian sun ensuring it’s durability for years to come.

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Component - Photon One Solar Motor No Electrician Required
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Adjustable Panel

To capture direct sunlight for maximum solar energy collection and performance, the Photon One Solar panel can be easily angled at either 0°, 20° or 40°.

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Component - Photon One Solar Motor Adjustable Panel
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Fabric Tensioning Back-Off

Includes an advanced ‘fabric tensioning’ feature which allows for lock-down bolts or straps to be applied and the awning to be operated without causing damage to the awning.

Home Automation Connection

Features a dry contact port that supports home automation operation and includes a dry contact cable for simple wiring into an automation system.

Serviceable Solar Battery

Featuring the latest single cell battery technology, allowing a long lasting solar battery that can be easily self-serviced without the need to remove the motor or dismantle the external awning.

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Component - Photon One Solar Motor Fabric Tensioning Back Off
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The Photon One solar powered awning motor carries a 5 year warranty* for peace of mind.

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Component - Photon One Solar Motor 5 Year Warranty
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