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Merger Motorisation

Affordable Awning Motorisation Solution

The Merger low-cost solution makes motorised Alpha Awnings accessible for every budget.

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Price competitive 240 volt AC remote control motor used for single or linked Awnings.

Operated by a Universal 1, 4 or 8 channel remote control with the option of a Timer Remote Control.

Universal Remote Control

Available with both 1, 4 and 8 channels options, allowing control of both internal and external shading products from a single remote control. Ideal if your internal roller blinds also use the Merger range of motors.

The Merger remote control range also offers a 4 channel Timer Remote Control offering 8 programmable timed events.

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Components - Awning Motorisation MR50
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Price competitive 240 volt AC switch Control motor used for single or linked awnings.

The motor is designed to be controlled from a 240V switch or from automation systems with 240 volt blind control modules.

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Components - Awning Motorisation MS50
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Weather & Dust Resistant

Fitted with a weather and dust resistant IP68 external in-line connector to ensure a high level of protection against water and foreign particles that would otherwise cause damage to the motor.

Fully Tensioned Motor

Features automatic tensioning that permits the awning to be locked into position using hold down straps or locking bolts, with the motor able to be retracted to tension the fabric. This tension minimises fabric “blow outs” traditionally caused by unexpected high winds.

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Component - Merger Motor Weather Dust Resistant
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Automatic Sun/Wind Sensor

The wireless solar powered Sun and Wind Sensor option that operates the awning based on light level, by either raising or lowering the awning depending on the amount of sunlight. The wind sensor retracts an awning in overly windy conditions to avoid any unnecessary strain to the awning.

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Component - Merger Motor Automatic Sun Wind Sensor
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