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Offering innovative external shading solutions that are technically superior and aesthetically unique, Hunter Douglas continues to remain a global leader of quality window coverings. Providing an array of external products that are energy-efficient, and engineered for easy fabrication and installation, Hunter Douglas continues to remain at the forefront of innovative technology.

Hunter Douglas Components offers a complete suite of external awning systems, that are highly functional, fabricator focused, and architecturally designed for the Australian market. See below for more information on our range of high quality external awning products.

Hunter Douglas hardware is now marketed under the Turnils brand name.

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The Alpha Awning Series represents the latest in fabricator focused awning systems. The Australian designed awning series by Hunter Douglas offers a full suite of products including: Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Deep Channel, Pivot Arm and Side Retention System Awnings.

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SYSTEM 2000 Awnings

System 2000 Awnings are an effective way of preventing solar heat gain through windows by stopping heat before it reaches the glass.

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Folding Arm Awnings

An array of heavy duty folding arm awnings are available that are engineered and manufactured in Sweden for optimal, robust performance.

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Metal and Canopy

Metal and Canopy Awnings are the traditional choice in awnings.

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Hunter Douglas incorporates the best of technology and design to offer a range of premium and cost effective motorisation products.

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Alpha M Awning

The Turnils Alpha M is the next evolution in external awnings, Australia's first & only magnetic retention system, delivering 200kg^ of pull force keeping fabric taut and neat inside channels.

Developed for diverse weather conditions and adapted locally for Australia's harsh climate, Alpha M offers unparalleled strength and performance.

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Alpha M External Awnings
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