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Hunter Douglas Limited Australia, part of the Hunter Douglas Group, has a reputation for delivering technically superior and aesthetically pleasing window components. The company has been manufacturing in Australia for over 60 years and has a long history of innovation, now offering the widest range of components anywhere in the world.

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Hunter Douglas supports fabricators to ensure that they consistently offer the best quality and service with the most advanced automated assembly technology in the industry. The sophisticated sampling, merchandising and training programs enable each fabricator to establish strong relationships with over 100,000 retail dealers worldwide.

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Innovations in child safety, sound absorption, managing natural light and insulating the window have all been a part of Hunter Douglas’ history. Top priorities for the future include the comfort and safety of every end user, as well as the functionality and durability of the products developed.

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With such an illustrious history, combined with a dedication to developing new ideas and concepts, the innovations from Hunter Douglas are sure to keep on coming.

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Hunter Douglas is a proud member of the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia (BMAA). There are a number of benefits in using a BMAA member for all your window furnishing needs, but the most valuable for you is peace of mind in knowing that the company you are dealing with has agreed to a Code of Ethics regarding quality, workmanship and customer service.  When you’re making an important purchase and significant investment for your home, trust your BMAA member.

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BMAA member companies range from small family businesses to large national organisations.  Our industry involves manufacturers, fabric suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, sales representatives, home service consultants and installers

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